How to Add Promotions to your Profile

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Log in to the Portal

Go directly to our portal at and log in using your user credentials.


Click on ‘Venue Promotion’ in the Navigation Menu

Venues have an allocation of Promotion Hours per week (displayed under ‘Promotion Hours Available’), available for use on specific days of the week.

To enter Promotion times:

  • Toggle Promotion time from Off (filled) to On (grey) for the days of the week when you want your promotion hours displayed.
  • If any of the days of the week are greyed out, these are not included in your subscription and can not be selected.
  • Enter the start and end times for your Promotion Hours on the associated day/s.
  • If your entries exceed your total Promotion Hours Available an error will display, and you will need to amend your times to less than or equal to your hours available to proceed.
  • Enter your promotional text. This text will display to users during the entered time period to let them know why they should go to your venue.

Click ‘Confirm Details’ to save your changes.


View Your Analytics

Click on ‘Analytics’ in the navigation menu to see the number of times your venue has appeared on someone’s map, and the number of profile views and direction requests you have generated during custom periods.

Need support?

For support and enquiries, contact or complete our enquiry form.